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Each innovation project is unique and requires profound analysis to make the idea a success story - going from 0 to 1.

During my time within the aerospace industry I learned a lot about the corporate world and the hurdles of air transportation. In my other positions as investment analyst and business developer within the start-up scene I had the chance to enter a new environment. This environment is highly innovative, extremely flexible, motivated and about to change the way we are doing business as it has been known for a relative long period forcing big companies to adapt an open innovation concept.

Both, start-up scene and corporate environments, are particular and todays challenge is to bring both together and make them profit from each other.

I can help you with the following subjects:

- sourcing & due diligence of start-ups

- market research

- or innovation strategy consulting

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web resources

In my past years I screened the web to find reliable resources for market studies and product benchmarks. The submenus in resources let you access the main ones I considered helpful. By no means does the selection present a full list of what is out there, but it might get you started.

The topics within resources cover mainly aerospace, energy, environment, business and society and are separated in data & statistic, education and tool & application .

I like to learn new things, too. Do you have any further recommendation?
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